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AWS WAF Captcha Goes Global: Ten Additional Languages Now Available

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently announced the addition of ten additional languages to their AWS WAF Captcha, making it easier for businesses to protect their web applications across the world. Before diving into the details of the recent announcement, it's important to understand what AWS WAF Captcha...

AWS Cloud Security Roundup - October 2022

This article will give you the latest news on AWS security updates, solutions, and other cool stuff published in October 2022. The latest edition of the "AWS Cloud Security Roundup" blog series is now available. This month, we cover the following topics: regional updates, Identity and Access Management...

AWS WAF Now Supports Granular Geo-Based Blocking

AWS WAF delivers web application protection from malicious attacks and intrusions. The service protects applications running on AWS services such as CloudFront, Application Load Balancer, API Gateway, or AWS AppSync. In early November AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) introduced granular geo-based blocking rules. We can now check new labels, which...

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