Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently announced the addition of ten additional languages to their AWS WAF Captcha, making it easier for businesses to protect their web applications across the world.

Before diving into the details of the recent announcement, it's important to understand what AWS WAF Captcha is and how it can benefit businesses. AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect web applications from common web exploits. Captcha, on the other hand, is a type of challenge-response test used to determine whether or not the user is a human. They are used to prevent bots and automated programs from accessing websites or web applications.

With the recent announcement, AWS WAF Captcha is now available in a total of eleven languages, including:

  • Chinese
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • English
  • German
  • Arabic

You can activate the captcha in the AWS WAF rule builder. Choose any AWS WAF ACL and add or modify a rule. Based on the rules you are choosing, you can select the action CAPTCHA at the bottom of the rule builder.

The languages are automatically added to the Captcha screen and can be chosen from a dropdown menu.

It's important to note that enabling Captcha can have an impact on the user experience. Captchas can be difficult to read and understand, and they can be frustrating for users. It's important to find the right balance between security and usability.

  "Name": "CaptchaRateLimit",
  "Priority": 0,
  "Statement": {
    "RateBasedStatement": {
      "Limit": 100,
      "AggregateKeyType": "IP"
  "Action": {
    "Captcha": {}
  "VisibilityConfig": {
    "SampledRequestsEnabled": true,
    "CloudWatchMetricsEnabled": true,
    "MetricName": "CaptchaRateLimit"
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