This article will give you the latest news on AWS security updates, solutions, and other cool stuff published in January 2023. The newest edition of the "AWS Cloud Security Roundup" blog series is now available.

Especially pay close attention to the announcement below as AWS will deprecate certain aws-portal IAM actions.

🌏 Regional updates

  • AWS WAF is now available in the Middle East UAE (me-central-1) Region
  • AWS Security Hub is now available in the Middle East UAE (me-central-1) Region
  • AWS Shield Advanced is now available in the Middle East UAE (me-central-1) Region

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📚 Artifact

  • Third-party reports are generally available now and provide on-demand access to security compliance reports of Independent Software Vendors (ISV) who sell through the AWS Marketplace
  • The Matter PKI Compliance Customer Guide is now available for download, providing customers with the information needed to create and operate Matter-compliant Certificate Authorities (CAs) that can issue Device Attestation Certificates (DACs) for Matter-compliant smart home devices

🔥 Network Firewall

  • Traffic filtering for dual-stack subnets for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Reject action for TCP traffic added to the existing capabilities for stateful rules to pass, drop, or alert network traffic. The firewall sends a TCP reset (RST) for the rejection

️‍🕵️‍♂️ Detective

  • VPC Flow Logs visualizations for Amazon EKS workloads. You can identify open ports, data transfers, and IP addresses connected to your workloads
  • Three new AWS-managed IAM policies (AmazonDetectiveMemberAccess, AmazonDetectiveInvestigatorAccess, AmazonDetectiveFullAccess)

📢 Announcement

  • AWS IAM actions with the aws-portal prefix will be replaced by fine-grained service-specific actions for the AWS Billing, Cost Management, and Account consoles
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